Buying a Home is a Big Deal!  Rose-Anne understands that.

She has put her experience to work for you to create a comprehensive buyer’s package that will walk you through each step – from mortgage pre-qualification, to home inspections, and more.

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    Tips When Looking for a Home

    Consider the following:

    • How many bedrooms do you need?
    • How many bathrooms do you need?
    • What is the desired square footage of you home?
    • What kind of parking facilities do you need? For how many cars?
    • What size of lot do you need? Do you want space for a pool or garden?
    • Do you want air conditioning?
    • Do you want storage or space for hobbies?
    • Is a fireplace, pool table, hot tub or a swimming pool high on your list?
    • Do you have family members with special needs?
    • Do you want special features to save energy, enhance indoor air quality, and reduce environmental impact?
    • Do you need a guest room?
    • Do you want a family room?
    • Do I need a home office?
    • Do I plan to have children?
    • Do I have teenagers who will be moving away soon?
    • Am I close to retirement?
    • Do I have an older relative who might come to live with me?
    Need Assistance With Your Home Search?

    Rose-Anne would be happy to put her experience and expertise towards finding the home that is right for you!

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