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October is such a fun time of year! We get to celebrate cooler weather, the beautiful colours of the changing leaves and then the best part of all – Halloween! We all look forward to seeing the trick-or-treaters in their adorable costumes, but why not elevate your Halloween celebrations by decorating the exterior of your home? The décor options are endless and plenty of them are easy to do yourself! I’ve scoured the Internet for the Top 10 examples of AWESOME Halloween home décor to inspire your spooky side…


It’s a Spider Invasion! Some people are terrified of spiders and this type of décor would not be too hard to do yourself! Original source:


Wow! This is one spooky scene! These Halloween enthusiasts took do-it-yourself to an extreme level. From the eerie cobwebs to the menacing corpses and the creepy lighting, this décor is spookalicious! To see a tour of all the decorations click here. Photo source:


Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere! I’m not sure who has the time to carve hundreds of pumpkins, but the effect is definitely breathtaking! Photo source:


These Grim Reaper characters are certainly sinister looking! Whether you replicate the look for a costume so you can creep people out while handing out candy (too scary?!) or create a stationary version for your yard… you’ll definitely make an impression. Learn more here. Found on:


If you’re lucky enough to have a verandah and fence like this, then you could definitely pull off the funeral parlour look. To see this spooky setting at night and other spooky features, click here. Found on:


How would you like to come face-to-face with some of these spooky ghouls and skeletons? The wrought iron fence gives this décor an even creepier feel! Original source:


An artist transforms her parent’s house into a spooky “monster” house. It took her four days to pull off, but the effect is definitely worth it. Found on:


Halloween décor doesn’t have to scare the wits out of you! This house chose to decorate with cartoon characters like Homer Simpson and Incredible Hulks. Original source:


This house is decorated in a traditional haunted house style. By day it is a nice bungalow, but by night with the right lighting and decorations, it becomes menacing. Original source:


What’s spookier than a bunch of ghosts dancing around a bonfire? Yikes! Original source:

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